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Carrier Hap 4.8free Download 64bit




whulsecat2: kk, will check that you are 100% using 64bit? thanks again s4lt :D np! Yep whulsecat2: how are you testing the ram usage? free -m? yes, 1.7gb is the usage other than that, no issues with the installation, kde, upowerd, powersave etc whulsecat2: cool, thanks. so that is good. what is the actual issue you are facing then? I'm trying to figure out what is the best way to get my TP-Link Archer C9 working with the wifi. So far it's not recognizing my 4G wifi network and my computer is not detecting my TP-Link Archer C9 on the same network as my computer. whulsecat2: do you have a link to a forum thread you mentioned earlier? s4lt: if you go to my home page you will find a link to a thread in the forums whulsecat2: ok, great, let me have a look! it's the one s4lt: whulsecat2: I dont find the solution there whulsecat2: you have to modprobe it find the module and modprobe it whulsecat2: you need to get the module on a ubuntu live image and boot off that. then see if the network works and what is the output of ifconfig yes that is what I did but that thread is for a older version the module is already loaded and the lshw command is finding it hmmm the module is already loaded?



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Carrier Hap 4.8free Download 64bit

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